WÜRTH Serbia Training & Test Center - Beta Competition
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WÜRTH Serbia Training & Test Center

Descrierea proiectului

In the daily struggle for implementation of sustainable actions in the field of architectural practices, one of the ways to contribute to the reduction of the construction industry pollution is certainly the reuse of objects whose original purpose has been terminated. Finding ways to recuperate and revitalize abandoned structures built to satisfy the needs that no longer exist is a form of recycling and reusing the material, in this case – architectural space, through new life cycles.Würth is always choosing quality architecture as one of the key values of the company’s real estate policy. It is not just a matter of public relations & branding, the idea is to bring architecture closer to the community and to improve the quality of life. The training and test center is another example of this social-cultural ambition.WÜRTH Serbia Training & Test Center in Belgrade is constructed inside a former 540 m² warehouse and it consists of two main spaces divided by a large translucent polycarbonate wall. The first of the two spaces contains a large steel mesh cage used as a demo center for CNC plasma and laser cutting machines and a testing room for products from the company's wide assortment. The translucent wall with a 30 m long built-in shelf closes a 270 m2 multi-purpose training space that can easily be transformed to serve any programmatic purpose. By a simple dividing panels rearrangement, it can become anything from series of individual classrooms or offices to conference space, exhibition gallery, or a party venue.A carefully selected palette of materials with a wide range of characteristics is providing all the necessary conditions for the emergence of ephemeral ambiances that are arising as the outcome of the interaction between light and different spatial elements, mainly through the processes of reflecting and refracting.The interior aims to show a lightness of being, leaving plentiful mental space enabling the users to focus on its main function: training and testing, and doing so being an ideal environment for transferring knowledge.

Text de prezentare a autorului

Dejan Todorović (1990) M Arch, holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture (2014), and is currently a PhD candidate in Scene Design at University of Novi Sad – Faculty of Technical Sciences. Since late 2017 he is employed as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture.He took part in many national and international competitions, exhibitions, workshops and summer schools in the fields of architecture and design, and authors several completed projects. As an author and co-author he signs four papers published in the category of scientific papers and monograph chapters with the focus of artistic and scientific research positioned in the overlapping fields of architecture, performing and visual arts.