VP 11-13 Collective housing - Beta Competition
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VP 11-13 Collective housing

Descrierea proiectului

The residential building VP 11-13 is located in the part of the urban structure of the city center, which is characterized by an increased degree of urbanization, the beginning of remodeling of city blocks and its transition from a group of old one-storey buildings to residential buildings five to six floors high. VP 11-13 has a unique opportunity to start the formation of a new street front in the context of the introduction of new regulation, and thus become an example that can be followed by future facilities in the area. Adaptation to the existing context can be seen through the sloping volume of the ground floor, which is a reminiscence of the regulation position of the old building, while the upper floors follow the new regulation of the street. Repetitive structure of the main facade, with seemingly randomly executed elements, gives character both to the building itself and to the entire street, with the potential for the rhythm of elements to appear elsewhere in the surroundings. Despite building a large volume facility (with its 2400 square meters above ground and 6 floors), in a context with predominatly lower-rised buildings, skillful modeling of volume and drawing plans created the illusion that the building is drastically smaller than it really is. At the same time, this can be seen as a gesture of respecting the current environment and anticipating the future construction of the city block.

Text de prezentare a autorului

URED architecture studio was formed and based in Belgrade in 2013. by a group of young architects. The studio produces multidisciplinary work ranging from architectural design, interior design, refurbishment and adaptive reuse, and also architectural research. In the field of architectural design, studio has been working so far on designing buildings of different typologies, primarily residential and commercial types. Team members expand the field of architectural design by doing academic research at the Faculty of Architecture University of Belgrade, where they are also enrolled in the teaching process. URED studio’s work has been widely recognised and published nationally and internationally and awarded multiple times.