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Vibe furnitures

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The first thought was to create a meeting hub for the local Transylvanian Hungarian youth. A festival that builds community and new friendships via enjoying live music, workshops, cultural and educational programmes and sport activities together. We are working together with the local student organisations from the ground up to learn from each other and to achieve more fluent workflow on both sides. The design program includes not only the layout and the unique furnishing but also the sustainable management of human and material resources. The program also shapes the long term feasibility and strategy of the festival and its non-muscical arts programmes. Our furniture system communicates the vibe of community: it can be assembled by the the people of the festival. Also by using geometry and ergonomy, it suggests community usage and impels people to get into new conversations and connections. (It was quite succesfull, an actual community has formed from the builders of the VIBE, and they come each year mainly for this part). Our building system uses basic geometric forms to build character. The derivates of the key design ideas can be used from the smallest bench through a complex furnishing to complete zones of the festival, which makes a visible and logical connection throughout the whole festival area. We have chosen locally sourced natural pine as our main building material, because it is easy to form with basic hand tools so it can be turned into any kind of furniture by the hands of the young builders and festival people. The design-character of the furniture-family consists of the following basic principles: natural local pine; logical and easy to build joinery throughout all elements; connectivity and extendability; being built by motivated students from any fields of knowledge and profession. We could improve it with reusability-transportability features step by step as the event had grown enough to manage this aspect, so we made the elements to be able to use at other student or local events. The remaining material is donated to the host village of the festival. Alongside the design of the core furniture elements we collaborate with young designers and artists on unique parts of the festival from the design process through the actual construction phase. The main goal we kept in focus was to create a coherent and calm design backbone for the colourful festival, and to give rise to community which - according to the reactions and remarks - seems to be working.

Text de prezentare a autorului

Mátyás Bitay and Marcell Szodfridt works in the field of architecture. They graduated from the faculty of architecture at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest. In 2017 Mátyás nomitated with Árkay Aladár prize for the the best diploma of the year and also selected to the Hungarian Media Architecture prize. With Vibe festival got nominated for the fff 2019 - young hungarian architecture prize under 40. Marcell has led several wood-building workshops and cretive educational workshops for children. The social aspect of building and the impact of the built environment is a constant interest for him in the field of architecture. They have started working together on VIBE Festival from the first year of the 2016 established production. Each year required a different scale and depth of architectural planning, as the festival grown from the first test phase to an award winning regional event and cultural hub.