Spațiul public în mediul rural și impactul asupra comunității - Beta Competition

Spațiul public în mediul rural și impactul asupra comunității

Descrierea proiectului

”Traditional rural heritage is the result of a continuous dialogue with the environment, with a certain cultural, social and historical context. Fragility is based not only on the characteristics of the materials used, but rather on its ease of transformation and adaptation. Through direct contact with the city and the modern world, traditional rural heritage disappears with amazing rapidity. The old houses are abandoned, the villages transforms, and the material and immaterial rural heritage becomes the subject of a museum. ” 1 The need for development of rural communities is as important as the urban one. In recent years, these communities have suffered greatly because of globalization, migration, urbanization and poor development strategies. Identity has begun to be diluted, and heritage is beginning to disappear, and many of the current studies avoid these topics. The specificity of the rural public space - "in the country" - is given by the lucidity and versatility of the spaces. The grass meets the gravel in a delicate, natural way, the water flows through small grassy ditches, sometimes paved. Rural public space does not hide under rich vegetation, but looks for a sunny place. Also, an important factor is the latest news worldwide, the current epidemic, social distancing, a sudden cessation of human activities, with consequences that for the moment can not be estimated. How much will these events affect rural communities? Will local government strategies for public spaces change? Knowing how urbanism is currently done in Romania, where the efficiency of the building space must be at maximum, the question is whether Romanian society, administrations and designers can learn something from these events, events that have been in history, and people adapted later.