Sound Drawing - Beta Competition
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Sound Drawing

Descrierea proiectului

The drawing starts from the wall, as an atypical context and scale to which it should act. It refers to its erosive character as one that should be preserved in its original form, or as one whose erosion should be further stimulated by movement. A new layer is created - a linear structure at a certain, variable distance from the wall. Between the linear creation and the wall as an existing condition, a new element is introduced as a mediator and transmitter. The linear structure also carries with it a number of moving points that change the character of the line. The purpose of the drawing is to examine the mobility of the line in relation to sound, and to reveal, through reading, the intertwining and passing of both visible and invisible traces that arise from moving, stretching, tensing the set layers of the drawing. The context in which the drawing emerges allows it a specific tactile character that tends to attract visitors who by pulling linear and dotted string elements, would naturally produce sound, while leaving a trace on the new element, on the material which is placed behind the first layer of the drawing. Each movement of the drawing produces a sound that, when it meets the wall, creates irregularities, traces, cracks on the layers of installed materials, but also on those parts of the wall that remain free. The excerpts remain after the exhibition, as a separate newly formed, archival layer of drawings whose appearance, shape cannot be predicted, as it depends on the degree of reaction to the drawing itself on the spot. The building of the drawing pointed out the irregularities of the linear structure and revealed new potentials in redefining the line itself. Initially, we started from placing lines that are parallel to each other and lead to strengthening the impression of length and infinity, in order to discover the extensibility of interpreting the directions of stretching, knitting threads to different points in space, and their re-gathering in micro nodes. The constructive drawing girders are first dotted in a regular raster, allowing the racking of the secondary vertical and horizontal supports. The layering of the secondary construction and through unexpected displacements tend to twist the drawing, and at the same time bring it into a state of instability through its maximum tension. All the layers of the drawing change through their formation and in relation to the weather conditions they become damaged and more and more erosive like the wall they started from. We are left with the question of whether and how we can read through the traces that happen through the invisible interrelationships of movement, line and sound?

Text de prezentare a autorului

Sound Drawing brings together a team (Aničić Sladjana, Vukotić Tamara, Gulan Branko, Dukić Olga, Ivanović Boris, Kekić Đorđe, Lalić Nikolina, Mijatov Bojana, Ostojić Mladen, Popović Jefimija, Ropčević Jovana, Stanković Andrea; mentor: Snežana Zlatković) as an upgrade of a one-semester research through drawing in the final year of study at the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Architecture. It proposes the actual building of a drawing in space via a workshop and exhibition, and aims at posing questions regarding this years' competition brief by Gallery Kolektiv arhitekata And yet it moves - On liminal drawing issues (curator:Anđelka Bnin-Bninski). 3M3 |exhibiting season 2019/2020 - And yet it moves* – On liminal drawing issues Curator: Anđelka Bnin-Bninski Exhibition: SOUND DRAWING _ June 30th – August 31st 2020 Organization: Senka Latinović / Production: Kolektiv Gallery