Romai Recreation and Rowing Center - Beta Competition
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Romai Recreation and Rowing Center

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/ Introduction / The way how we see the surrounding environment is based not only on the objective reality and perception but on the subjective ones as well. The topic of this thesis has emerged both from my personal relationship to it and the thorough analysis of the context. The chosen site is located at the northern part of Budapest on the shore of river Danube which is called “Római - part”. This is one of the most popular rowing centers in Hungary. / Nature – City / The plan investigates the relationship between artificial and natural elements. It is located in between the city and the wild natural area along the Danube. This contrast creates a valuable basis for the design and raises further questions on the subject. / Recreation – Individual – Society / The program reflects on the societal challenges determined by both the individual and societal correspondences. The value and significance of leisure time has been growing in our post – modern world. It plays a huge role in socialisation, connecting with our environment, development of the social order and it also affects the economy. However, the typical global phenomena of our era make it more difficult to make use of our free time in a sufficient manner. In order to achieve this, architecture and 3D art take significant responsibility, they can establish the adequate basis and space experience for recreation. / Function and context / The “Római -part” is a dominant element of the urban development process. The city could clearly benefit from utilizing the area along the riverbank. The goal of the program includes the prosperity of the rowing culture; the scheduled, long term, uniform development of the riverbank; and the reservation of the natural habitat as strictly as possible. The concept of the thesis would like to play a role and provide direction by designing a complex, multi – functional holiday estate. / Conception and the building / The designed building draws a strong borderline in between: built environment – nature, society – individual, easy – difficult, fast – slow etc. It searches for the connection with natural elements by exploiting its unique style. Forming these elements, subsidence in the river bed, stratification, the dynamics and strong presence of the river together determine the architecture and design, which reflects on the closeness of the city, demands and current installation in a complex way with its functionality. Architecture in flooded areas determines the structural concept which creates a hierarchy between elements, materials and spaces. The building is divided into two parts: a heavy, static base and a light, comfortable unit forming contrast with the base.

Text de prezentare a autorului

/ Introduction / I graduated from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics as an architect in 2019. I have been living and working in Budapest since then. My approach, understanding and devotion for architecture which I received throughout my studies, continues to motivate me and makes me want to develop even more. Currently, freshly graduated, I work as a designer architect and 3D artist. The exciting architectural designs and creative projects motivate me and force me to think more carefully or even change my way of thinking. Besides work and my studies, I attended numerous tenders for which I got awarded plenty of time as well. / Interests / Besides my studies I also mastered architecture visualization. Imaging and photography are important self – expressing tools for me which play a significant role in both introducing creative ideas and architectural solutions and also in the process of my own personal experiencing and understanding. / Hobbies / Culture, arts, books, movies and active leisure activities inspire me for creative thinking. Different sports like hiking, rock climbing, rowing, etc. are part of my everyday life, they help me in recreation and maintaining my creativity.