RAMONDA MOUNTAIN HOTEL & SPA**** - Beta Competition
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Descrierea proiectului

The relation between architecture and context is as ancient as the first human skill to build a shelter. Sometimes the context is selected, sometimes it is imposed. Geological, morphological, built - or natural; historical, sociological, labile or stable, always changeable, never simple, context is always substantive - the basic matter of architectural creation. Weighting recognizable factors of the context is probably one of the most important measuring tools used by architects, whether we turn our back on him, giving our hand to him, or mimetically hide under him. In fact, we weigh what kind of trace we will leave in environment, creating a new context, a complex context of living. Mount Rtanj, a location in southeastern Serbia that has been pregnant with myths and legends since ancient times, is the place where the architecture of the new hotel was to be built. A small, almost abandoned mining settlement in the immediate vicinity, and a few roads, is the only trace of construction. Everything else is nature. It is powerfully manifested through geological morphology, over which man, amazed by the tectonically shaped three-sided pyramid of mountain Rtanj, has woven a narrative of legends and myths. Same forces, tectonic and climatic, which thus transformed the landscape, are imagined, transcended and presented by architects of this project through spatial articulation and coordination of artificial volumes. According to such an effort, this architecture can be contemplated as a tension diagram of the juxtaposition between the massive, rigid transfigured geo-morphology, and the liberated faceted structure of the roof surface. Coordination, almost symphonically dramatized, led to the composition of volumes that do not imitate rock formations from the surrounding nature, but have an evident identical tectonic genetic impulse. Everything else came from this kind of identity. The guest’s comfort, pleasantness, delight is incarnated from the articulation of spatial clusters between described juxtaposed forces. Fluid change of views during motion through indoor and outdoor spaces, content richness, tactile quality of traditional materials, ubiquitous water, ambience of bio-pool, complement the initial authenticity, not particularly architectural, but the necessary overall authenticity of possible living in such a space, or with him. A: 3800 m2 Y: 2020. Budget: 5.5 M € Authors: Valerija Fa Milić d.i.a. Vladimir Milić d.i.a.

Text de prezentare a autorului

Studio "Unihouse" je arhitektonski studio sa sedištem u Beogradu, Srbija. Naš rad zasnovan je na arhitektonskom i urbanističkom projektovanju, upravljanju projektima, nadzorom i dobijanjem dozvola za srodne usluge. Da bismo upravljali celokupnim ciklusom izgradnje: od koncepta do upotrebne dozvole, formirali smo i razvili mrežu partnerskih kompanija i stručnjaka. Naši inženjeri, sa više od 20 godina iskustva u privatnim i javnim projektima, lokalnim i regionalnim / međunarodnim, ostvarili su odlične rezultate, na zadovoljstvo naših klijenata, i našeg tima. Valerija Fa Milić, vlasnik studija je vodeći arhitekta, autor svih projekata izrađenih u Unihouseu, sa 28 godina ikustva, obogaćujući sa 15 godina rada na Arhitektonskim fakultetima u Beogradu i Novom Sadu. Vladimir Milić, vodeći arhitekta je i koordinator tima, sa iskustvom od 30 godina,10 godina radeći i kao asistent na beogradskom i novosadskom Univerzitetu.