Pumping station revitalization - Beta Competition
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Pumping station revitalization

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On the outskirts of Szentes, the iconic element of the landscape is the high brick chimney pumping station along the embankment. The pump house hides beautiful cast iron steam engines, which has greatly influenced the city’s past and present as well. Although the steam engines are no longer in operation, they are replaced by electric pumps which can carry the water when needed, the buildings of the station with the original steam engines can now be considered an industrial heritage. The goal is to revitalize the pumping station, the driving forces are keeping it alive and the creative recycling. The task itself is not only about creating architecture, but also creating a comprehensive heritage protection concept. It is important to preserve the memories of the past of water management, which would continue to live in a museum, but in order for the station to really re-engage in the cycle of life, it is also necessary to add new functions. Due to the favorable location of the project, a bicycle stop, a camping site and a leisure place will be created by which the addressed audience moves in a wide spectrum. With these interventions, the station will not only create a new community place for the locals but also become a tourist destination for cyclists. The existing buildings need to be managed properly so that their meaning is not compromised. With the new buildings, which are able to serve the life-creating functions, the goal is to continue and supplement the existing ones while preserving the atmosphere of the site and its natural and architectural characteristics. Preserving the original architectural values, the pump house acts as a showroom with the steam engines and the coal warehouse serves as an exhibition space. With minor interventions, the master heater’s house would function as an accommodation building as part of the campsite, an open bicycle workshop would be created in the former remise. With respecting the existing values, the newly added elements are well separated so that the deposits of the ages are clearly visible. To serve the new functions, a reception area which will receive visitors to the museum and guests of the campsite, and a restaurant in connection with the mighty plane tree in the center of the site will be created. A covered-open exhibition space will also be set up to accommodate the old neglected machinery from the yard, and at the back a service building with a direct connection would serve the campsite.