Under the Spotlight - Beta Competition

Under the Spotlight

Text de prezentare a autorului

Sofija Mašović was born in Sydney in 1996, spending her early childhood in Australia and Singapore, and eventually moving to Serbia. Her engineering spirit and interests in arts led her to enrolling The Faculty of Architecture - Belgrade University, in 2015. Sofija got involved with MEDS (Meeting of Design Students) in 2016, participating in a summer workshop in Romania, where she worked in an international environment and grasped the intricacies of 1:1 scale. With further investment in this organization, Sofija became the national contact of Serbia, being the coordinator of the Serbian team. She completed her Batchelor degree in 2018. and enrolled the Master Studies Interior Architecture at the same university. Sofija enjoys analog photography, collaging, drawing and documenting time. She manages her own YouTube channel where she posts fragments of everyday events. She is currently based in Belgrade.