Peasant house extension - Beta Competition
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Peasant house extension

Descrierea proiectului

The project consist of extending a traditional szekler house built around 1938.The existing building, made of wooden barns, consist of three main stacks: a “clean room”, kitchen and living room. The three room are linked to a porch. Considering the wishes of the new owner, the existing house was renovated according to the current requirements and was extended with a parents bedroom and a bathroom. The shape of the expansion was dictated by the position of an existing fruit tree, which was thus saved. Expansion has been built respecting both traditional style and materials. Thus, the structure of the extension strenght was made entirely of wood. The choice of exterior finishes has been chosen so that there is harmony between traditional and contemporary styles. That is why we have proposed the use of a folded board with a sloping wooden plywood. Tha basic idea behind the positioning of the oblique slats comes from the structure of supporting layer of the plaster in the case of the traditional wooden walls made of wood. Besides the aesthetic order function, the slats also constitute a soundproofing layer over the folded plate.The use of tradtional, wood-specific material has allowed both the support of the local workforce - carpenters - and the adoption of the traditional form of construction, called cloak - group work. The combination of vernacular and contemporary materials is also present in the case of roofing where traditional tiling from local demolitions was combined with folded sheets. Compared to the cost of 45 ron / sqm ( axpprox. 15.000 ron - 3000 EUR) of the plated sheet are the 500 pieces of ceramic tile from demolitions whose total value is 125 ro! - 25 EUR!

Text de prezentare a autorului

PROFESSIONAL PORTRAIT: Árpád Nagy PROFESSIONAL CURRICULUM VITAE Date of birth: 19.08.1986 Place of birth: Gheorgheni Primary school: Mihály Fogarassy Primary school, Gheorgheni Secondary school: Salamon Ernő Grammar School, Gheorgheni University: Ion Mincu University of Architecture, Bucharest Jobs: SC KAMOS SRL - Katalin Moscu - Cluj-Napoca Experience Abroad: Master Erasmus Program - Preservation and Revitalization of Architectural Heritage, University of Architecture of Varna, Bulgaria fees: 2010: Idea Competition, Political Prison Restoration, Ramnicu Sarat, Romania, 3 prizes 2012: Norman Foster Traveling Scolarship, Pre-selection Romania - 1 Award 2018: Arhitectura.6 - 1 award - residential building plan category 2018: National Architect Biennale - nomination - rural category