Oxygen Restro vendéglő - Beta Competition
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Oxygen Restro vendéglő

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The main guideline of the design was to form a building body that does not disturb but adds to the nature environment. We try to create harmony between the appearance and the landscape. The shape of the buildings was dictated by the landscape, inspired by it. We proposed structural elements - wood - as local material, which is also the image of the local knowledge of processing wood. With the large glass surfaces, we managed to create a lighty space and at the same time reflect the nature. It was important for the client to make the form of the building as well as the interior design. We succeeded in part in the design of the bar counter. Taking advantage of the beautiful panorama, the restaurant faces Gheorgheni with huge imposing glass surfaces. Guests can stay in touch with nature and admire the stunning panorama in front of them.

Text de prezentare a autorului

PROFESSIONAL PORTRAIT: Árpád Nagy PROFESSIONAL CURRICULUM VITAE Date of birth: 19.08.1986 Place of birth: Gheorgheni Primary school: Mihály Fogarassy Primary school, Gheorgheni Secondary school: Salamon Ernő Grammar School, Gheorgheni University: Ion Mincu University of Architecture, Bucharest Jobs: SC KAMOS SRL - Katalin Moscu - Cluj-Napoca Experience Abroad: Master Erasmus Program - Preservation and Revitalization of Architectural Heritage, University of Architecture of Varna, Bulgaria fees: 2010: Idea Competition, Political Prison Restoration, Ramnicu Sarat, Romania, 3 prizes 2012: Norman Foster Traveling Scolarship, Pre-selection Romania - 1 Award 2018: Arhitectura.6 - 1 award - residential building plan category 2018: National Architect Biennale - nomination - rural category