Nov dom Radio Televizije Vojvodine - Beta Competition
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Nov dom Radio Televizije Vojvodine

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The new home of Radio Television of Vojvodina Radio Television of Vojvodina was constructed on the slopes of the mountain Fruška gora, on the cliff on a bank of the Danube, and in the immediate vicinity of the Sloboda bridge. Abandoned for twenty years, this public service building has emphasized horizontality, and, at 18 metres in length, it is hidden behind a canopy of plane trees. It stands a distance from the road in a large green belt. With a small footprint, the building sits both alone and lonely. In the vast expanse of Mišeluk, the building has a beautiful relationship with the sun, the sky and fresh air. At an altitude of 140 metres above sea level, the site offers a fine view of the whole of Novi Sad. The basis for the building’s development was (a) being awarded in 2014 first prize in the competition for the conceptual architectural-urban design of the new building, and then (b) starting the process of reviving its two functional cubes. This reduced smaller or larger functions in mutually drastic height differences to a relationship that mostly aspired to its spatial minimum and thus optimum. This led to the social aspect that defined in the building’s interior and exterior function, leading to a structure without any lost space in which both the installations and Man touch the sky on its fifth facade in accordance with the spatial needs of both. The smaller cube is administrative, as spatially expected of an office. The larger cube is different in everything. It is full of smaller wholes that are cubically different and whose relations transition from one void to another. These gaps define the interior volume close to humans that acts to create sound, movement, scenography, play and images. Functional parameters: Employees are involved in creating programmes in 12 languages. This influenced the creation of various small spaces requiring peace and quiet with a separate acoustic enclosure. There are 5 television studios of different dimensions from 600 m2 to 100 m2 which vary in height from 5.5 to 12 metres. The radio programme will use 7 radio studios of which that for music (in the basement) is the largest. Two News desks are each located in 500 m2, with each one hosting 70 news programmes with separate editorial and editing suites. Numerical parameters: - Occupancy on the plot: 20% - Roof height: 18m - Area under the building (gross ground floor): 4.050,00 m2 - Gross building area (all floors): 17.523,00 m2

Text de prezentare a autorului

Riste Dobrijević was born in Belgrade, Serbia, 1981. He is graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, the University of Belgrade with a project of the City Museum on Kosančićev Venac. Riste is a freelance artist who is working on projects of different characters and sizes, independently or in cooperation with other colleagues. So far, he has participated in several local based and international architectural and urban competitions. He received awards for all placements in architecture and interior design. In cooperation with Aleksandar Miljuš (architect and a colleague in business for more than 10 years), he has realized a lot of new interiors, as well as the reconstruction of existing private and public buildings. Together they have more than 70 completed interior - design interventions. In 2018, he founded CADO architects with Ljiljana Čavić.