NECONSTRUIESTE - Beta Competition


Descrierea proiectului

What is unbuilt should remain unbuilt. What is now unbuilt should remain for as long as we can, unbuilt. What was built and then unbuilt should not be re-built, under any circumstances. This is a fundamental guideline in magic practice: the act of re-building is basically a curse. As this reality that we inhabit becomes oversaturated with a sort of unstoppable replication of broken code, an uncontrollable derivation of scarce resources, a sleepwalking overload of concrete disruptions, at least one disaster of biblical proportion sleeps under this building spree of humanity . The unbuilt as an essential category will be my proposition and in this paper I will try to give substantial arguments in favor of such a righteous principle. As we come to accept the grim reality of the present neoliberal order, human productive endeavour as a global agent is a substantial disruptor of the ecologial spirit of our planet. For now this is our only home, our home base - and we are its faithful xenomorph managers. This base is in hypersleep, drifting around a massive energy source as we hijack it to extract all resources we can use for a superpositional temporary building site, an essentialy post-human home base. Human society presumes a building spirit, but its limitations should always be mitigated by an opposing un-spirit. We, the people have to take into account the oppresive contextualisation of fixated potentialities in a built environment and strive to realize a radical shift in what we conceive as an eco-alliance for a true inter- species biocoenosis based on the nature of an unbuilt environment as its founding principle.