Mátyás New Apartment Building - Beta Competition
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Mátyás New Apartment Building

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The planning area is located in the Gyárváros (Factory town) district in the eastern part of Győr, in the centre of the former Ágyúgyári housing complex, at the northern wall of Mátyás square. Built between 1915 and 1917 based on the plans of Géza Fiala, the district, just as its counterpart in Budapest, the Wekerle complex, still functions as a well-proportioned and well-constructed urban landscape. As the district’s centre, the southern wall of Mátyás square is an integral part of this construction. In the 60s following the war, two 4-story residential buildings were constructed in the northern part of the square. Based on István Bognár’s ideas, the plans for a building aimed at pleasing all catering needs of the time in the form of the Mátyás restaurant were created, closing down the square’s northern wall. With its logical spatial system and massing, the building is a notable example of modern architecture in Győr.With the city of Győr going through an accelerated growth, there is an ever present need for modern flats which can overcome any environmental, societal and economic challenge. Maybe this process is just the natural continuation of the post war reconstruction and dynamic development of the Ágyúgyári housing complex. Urban densification is unavoidable. Consumption shifts to the outer zones and the Old Town area in Györ’s center. As the district gets denser and denser, it is unable to spill out of its fringes, but by shifting the vision to recycling and changes in function, it won’t have to. The northern wall of Mátyás square is still undefined, with the former restaurant and store devolved into a functionless, dilapidated husk, the restoration and upkeep of its services an unrealistic alternative in the current small-town milieu. The redefinition of the existing building, while conserving its structural character and respect of its connection with the environment during its rebirth. The planned building will conform in two masses, at one part to the building character of the northern plot, and on the other, to the southern spatial system of the former Mátyás restaurant, facing the square itself. The planned building’s mass will conform to the other buildings on the neighbouring plots, closing down the northern wall of Mátyás square with its 3 stories. Forming an integral part of the square, the local flower shop and bus stop will retain their original status while being integrated into the new building’s open, public space structure. The buildings architectural character respects the character of the Ágyúgyári housing complex, without trying to copy its elements of form or spatial system. The new house will stand, conforming to its own zeitgeist, modestly, but distinctively in place of the old Mátyás restaurant.

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CAN Architects was founded in 2017 on the shared passion of András Cseh, József Élő, Szilárd Köninger, Dávid Németh and Ádám Tátrai with our focus on the connecting network of architecture and community. ‘Share the table’ is the spatial attitude of our collective, where we all bring our various professional and personal interests and human relationships together, from research through education to design and forth. We enjoy exploring new possibilities and responsibilities of our architectural profession through developing our own, community-based design (CAN Story Design), social (faluÉPÍTÉS) and education (CAN EDU) initiatives and methods.