MONOLITH - Beta Competition
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Marcal park is one of the most valuable suburban areas of Győr. The park forest lining the city, the neighbouring schools create a calm and livable environment. The frame construction typical for this part of the city loosens as we are getting closer to the forest, the place of the closed courtyards is occupied by expanding insights. With the help of the broken-line facades the green area is getting more and more emphasis besides the built environment. The closing element of the buildings is a 40-unit apartment building, the special mass of which is given by the turning towards nature. The largest flats are located under the gable roof, with huge terraces facing the foliage of the trees. I addition to spacious flats, the rental apartments of the 19th century were characterised by emphasized arrival. This was not only shown by the materials used, but also in the bright spaces and wide corridors. The half private and half group spaces outside the flats are important components of the impression of living there. Due to the purely economic flat construction of the recent years, this attitude seems to be disappearing. The internal organisation of the building is striving to smuggle this approach back into the forming of the community spaces. The flats are organised around an internal, covered atrium, from that the rear units can be accessed via an external corridor. The space lit from above clarifies the orientation and creates a cosy atmosphere. The transparent space is livening up by the balustrades painted bright yellow, which also provide the frames for the skylights. Their arrangement fits playfully with the asymmetrical roofline. The layout of the flats differs according to their place in the house. The primary consideration is to maximize the contact with the forest. In the case of the apartments accessible from the external corridor, the rooms are placed towards the green, and in the case of the atrium, the living space gets a bigger opening. The window parapets are low, the safe height is given by the handrail. The “penthouse” apartments have 50m2 terraces, their closing follows the shape of the roof, that also hinders the view to the neighbouring units. The underground garage belonging to the building can be reached through the courtyard ramp. Its internal connection to the community spaces is lit by natural light and is opening to the foreground. Because of sustainability the heating system is connected to the district heating system.

Text de prezentare a autorului

CAN Architects was founded in 2017 on the shared passion of András Cseh, József Élő, Szilárd Köninger, Dávid Németh and Ádám Tátrai with our focus on the connecting network of architecture and community. ‘Share the table’ is the spatial attitude of our collective, where we all bring our various professional and personal interests and human relationships together, from research through education to design and forth. We enjoy exploring new possibilities and responsibilities of our architectural profession through developing our own, community-based design (CAN Story Design), social (faluÉPÍTÉS) and education (CAN EDU) initiatives and methods.