K16 Collective housing - Beta Competition
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K16 Collective housing

Descrierea proiectului

The residential building in Kolubarska Street No. 16 is surrounded by detached family houses and facilities with rooms and apartments intended for renting to students. Having in mind the position of the building in the city, surrounding area, the small distance to schools and faculties, K16 is designed as six – apartment, with two apartments on each floor - four smaller apartments of about 42m2 and two duplexes of 75 and 85m2. Although the apartments are relatively small (Despite the small areas), the interior space has the quality of many larger apartments thanks to the well-proportioned rooms. Distancing from the neighboring buildings enabled the realization of the project task, defining that the building should have exclusively a sloping roof, thus forming the main design motive. Since the roof planes above the residential parts fall to one side, and the roof above the common staircase and sanitary block (technical block) falls to the other, the sizing and proportion of the apartments can be read through the design of the building. Due to the plot width, which is significantly narrower than other plots in the street, the regulation rules paradoxically conditioned the construction of a house in a row, despite the detached houses surrounding. The aggravating circumstance and additional problem that affected design is that both neighboring buildings on the sides of the plot, have steped within the plot of the K16 building with their size or just the three canopy, which made it impossible to completely fulfill the required typology of construction in a row. By distancing K16 from the neighboring buildings, a disjointed floorplan was obtained, adapted to the surrounding area. Parking is solved in the front yard, which is also represents the main yard due to its size and southern orientation. Apart from parking, the yard is also intended for other activities - for children playing, gathering and social life maintaining. The entrance to the building and the common staircase space have been carefully designed so that they have natural lighting and ventilation, and the materialization, lighting design and marking of the floors have been integrally solved through a detailed project elaboration.

Text de prezentare a autorului

URED architecture studio was formed and based in Belgrade in 2013. by a group of young architects. The studio produces multidisciplinary work ranging from architectural design, interior design, refurbishment and adaptive reuse, and also architectural research. In the field of architectural design, studio has been working so far on designing buildings of different typologies, primarily residential and commercial types. Team members expand the field of architectural design by doing academic research at the Faculty of Architecture University of Belgrade, where they are also enrolled in the teaching process. URED studio’s work has been widely recognised and published nationally and internationally and awarded multiple times.