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Înapoi la bază

Descrierea proiectului

“When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten and the last stream poisoned, you will realize that you cannot eat money” says an old prophecy of the Cree Indians. Many ancient civilizations acknowledged that human existence on planet Earth could strive only if in complete harmony with nature and its complex processes, seeing Mother Gaia as a living and breathing organism. Respect towards natural resources is a key teaching we need to apply in our society, since all that we consume in excess becomes toxic one way or the other. The “top of the food chain” principle we egoistically apply at macroeconomic scale is a poor approach, despite the circular economy’s principles attempt to fill in the gaps in the resource usability system. We need to integrate all knowledge available, socio-economic instruments and urban/rural architecture in order to reinvent our “living design ”. I dare you to dream about the City of The Future, a place where every human being contributes to creating new resources and clean energy effortlessly, ergo a continuously evolving society where we smartly use technological innovation and effective natural processes integration. A place where every building is properly integrated within its urban or rural environment and harmoniously designed to optimize the consumption of resources and their transformation into clean energy. The use of materialsvwith high transformation capacity can be the answer to many of our excess consumption issues. Aluminum is an excellent example, since this metal can be recycled literally ad infinitum1. The greatest inventions which made us evolve as human race were made by observing how the natural world works. So let’s go back to basics and apply Mother Gaia’s wise teachings: nothing is lost, everything transforms and it all happens in perfect equilibrium.