After Enough - Beta Competition

After Enough

Descrierea proiectului

: ? ! . ; At the current historical event of questioning all human history with its values, aims and accomplishments, architecture can be considered as the primary interface that indicates all the archeological imprints and projects possible future outcomes simultaneously. Enough: Architecture as inertia. Human existence became disproportionate to its historical use of the environment. When even as simple human activities as ploughing are re-evaluated as bad, architecture suffers to keep its traditional manifestations. Not building the physical reflection of fatherless children. Enough? Architecture as proof of life. It is evident that the complexity of human created spaces have been becoming more and more complicated with our intellectual development. Human life-span actions for occupying space could be adequate for our physical needs but the question of the everlasting soul complicates sustainable construction. Human history defies entropy. Enough! Architecture as weapon. The spatial manifestation of ideas in our buildings penetrate their material existence. Unused and unrefurbished buildings take spaces hostage, turning urban structures into a sporadic wasteland. How does architecture follow when we start taking down statues of fallen ideas? Enough. Architecture as space distribution. The discrepancy rises between the parceling of natural and built environment as the representation of past or current states of social hierarchy instead of the basic human values of equality and love. Architectural theory is also not prepared to honestly reflect on the role of space use as the ultimate expropriation between human beings. Enough; Architecture as language. The possibilities and hence responsibilities towards the built environment belong to everyone. Spatial perception and creation is ours by nature, nevertheless are un-practiced. To be able to create gentle postapocalyptic times we might need to accept that architecture is not enough. We are.