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Data centar

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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Data Centre enables business continuity of the IT systems that support business functions of the Ministry of Interior. The main goal of the project is to ensure the protection of the Beneficiary’s building site and equipment (and all information and software contained therein) from theft, vandalism, natural disaster (including earthquakes), manmade catastrophes, terrorism and accidental damage (e.g., from electrical surges, extreme temperatures). Location is situated North to East from the Prilep city center, from Skopje, around 132 or 176 km, to Prilep city centre, around 2,2 km, to closest constructed facilities, around 230 m, to access vehicle road, around 160 m, to other vehicle roads which surrounding plot, around 200 m. Main function of the building is to locate computer, storage, and networking devices safely and securely, provide the power needed to maintain these devices, provide a temperature-controlled environment within the parameters needed to run device, provide connectivity to other devices both inside and outside the data center. Building is functionaly divided in two parts, circle ring for accomodation of technical equipment and installations, and central core for Server Rooms with capacity of 120 RACK units. Ring volume is filled with mechanical installations rooms (gas rooms and hvac room), electrical and telecommunication installation rooms, including wired room. The rest of space is for employees (network technician, operator, security staff) which provides full time working hours 24/7. The server room is constructed as a Room in a Room which provides the highest level of physical security and hence also risk coverage. The system offers comprehensive protection and thus multi-functional security for backup systems, server systems, network computers and communication systems.The server room structure is designed according to TIA-942 and with standard EN 1047-2:2009. Size / Capacity 60 RACKs of the standard size of 1000 x 600 mm is necessary for phase 1+ additional space for 60 RACKS reserved for future use in phase 2. Power consumption per RACK is 7.2 kW.

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Zoran Abadić (1969) je docent na Arhitektonskom fakultetu Univerziteta u Beogradu, osnivač i rukovodilac 1X2STUDIA u Beogradu. Svoju praksu ostvaruje kroz projektovanje i izgradnju prevashodno stambenih i javnih objekata, posebno pravosudnih i objekata socijalnog stanovanja.