Construim? - Beta Competition


Descrierea proiectului

In this writing I want to acknowledge the need for architecture consulting before starting any project. I will do this both theoretically and practically. Theoretically, by finding the scheme of a questioning process, and practically, by researching how this scheme applies in Romanian society. So, the first step is asking the right questions in order to find our deepest needs. To define our needs we have to know first our scope or telos. The telos has to do with projections (interior) and ethics (exterior). While finding our future’s projections we have to determine our own needs, only by our ethics we can find the way we influence society with our project's form and symbolic language. Do we really have to build? or could we modify what already exists? or should we start from scratch?, and, if so, then what are the lowest means to build to gain the minimum waste of energy consumption?, be it mental or environmental. The second step in our endeavor is to see how in Romanian society, where, for example, the acquisition or building of a house is synonym with fulfillment in life, taking time before starting the project could be largely beneficial, while newly build suburbs generally don't increase quality of life, but only sell a dream of independence. Maybe renovating, restoring, finding alternatives between collective living and individual housing, or even not building at all would be better solutions for the client. In this way the architect becomes both a consultant for the client and a mediator between client and society as a whole, while asking: Do we really have to build? becomes a moral statement.