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We spend most of our lives in built environment: inside and amongs buildings. Therefore, to learn about these to be able to create and use them well is essential for our own developments as well as for the protection off our environment. Learning about the built environment can operate as an intriguing interface to learn through in any subject at school, while inviting team-work and curiosity. We're preparing for these events with the children.We experience the change from natural to built environment, the building act of man and the creation of our own spaces. Our possibilities and responsibilities start to appear in the way we use our materials and spaces with care. We start to speak the language of architecture.Learning through spatial perception and creation and the built environment together has always played a significant role in our professional lives as architects. We have been teaching from kindergarten to university, even beyond, while training teachers. The corona-virus put a temporary stop to these personal workshops and team-working events. We transformed our programs to a homeschooling environment with easy learning through building exercises that can easily connect to many subjects, yet are complex enough as learning packages themselves. From now on they can be played and learned at home, in schools or summer camps. Three complex learning processes have been created for which provide sufficient aid to all participants: workbook and video for the children and a detailed toolkit for teachers and parents, all according to the competence development requirements of the national curricula. For the first time all our material is bilingual, so it can be used on an international level in English.The 'HOW BIG IS A TREE?' workshop is an introduction to space, while turning the natural into built environment. We have played this series of tasks with children, teachers, psychologists and architects all around the world - and now you can join us playing it at home.The 'TOWERS AND BRIDGES' workshop looks into our human motivations to learn about and conquer our spatial limits. The tasks introduce us to frame structures, that have been around since the first tents. We experiment with their stability and build based on our experiences.The 'SHOE BOX HOME' introduces children to the possibilities and responsibilities of shaping their environment. We all have homes, rooms that we furnish and use. But do we use them to their full potential? We take a look into this and also consider how these individuals units can be connected and build up a settlement for a larger community.

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CAN Architects was founded in 2017 on the shared passion of András Cseh, József Élő, Szilárd Köninger, Dávid Németh and Ádám Tátrai with our focus on the connecting network of architecture and community. ‘Share the table’ is the spatial attitude of our collective, where we all bring our various professional and personal interests and human relationships together, from research through education to design and forth. We enjoy exploring new possibilities and responsibilities of our architectural profession through developing our own, community-based design (CAN Story Design), social (faluÉPÍTÉS) and education (CAN EDU) initiatives and methods.