Arhitectul intre eu si noi - Beta Competition

Arhitectul intre eu si noi

Descrierea proiectului

The basis of our authenticity as a community, but also as individuals is the cultural baggage that we inherit, respectively that we gain throughout the life experience. The heritage, understood by the sum of its tangible and intangible gives significance, value, individuality and emotion, which represent the system of values of an individual or of a community/nation. The phenomenon of globalization has led to a uniformity of values and trends between communities, leading to a sharp loss of diversity. Architecture is one of the most visible forms of cultural manifestation, influencing the way of life of the individual since ancient times. In this context of globalization, the role of the architect in society is particularly important, as it must work harmoniously on the one hand with the existing built fund and on the other hand with the modern needs of today's society. This pair of forces is often understood as a limitation, leading to a perpetual struggle between what I want as an individual and what the community I belong to wants. For this reason, countless selfish approaches can be observed in relation to the existing environment or the cultural background, putting pressure on cities. These approach is not sustainable as long as it don’t identify with the needs of the local community. But when enough is enough? The paper aims to bring an answer to this question and to analyse the fine line between the architect's relation to the term „I” or „we”. A critical analysis on the fine demarcation between how much pressure a city can withstand and how much modernity it needs is still necessary, in order to be able to design responsibly in the future. The challenge of the architectural profession nowadays is precisely the responsible answer to the modern needs of a city with a strong cultural baggage.