Anti_Memorial- Museum of destruction of Belgrade - Beta Competition
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Anti_Memorial- Museum of destruction of Belgrade

Descrierea proiectului

A lot of Belgrade's architectural heritage was destroyed in wars.The remains of the demolished buildings have not been removed, monuments to the victims are not visible, and museums that would unite people's experiences have never been built. Collective trauma also brought destruction of the collective social identity. The project with the symbolic name "Antimemorial" is based on the idea of architecture as a warning and criticism, but also as a guardian of the people's memory. By using trauma as a narrative and locating anti-memorials in Belgrade, the tangible and intangible Serbian heritage will be more closely explained to visitors from abroad. The problematization of the topic, among other things, is based on the analysis of the ideological construct of time and space, and the attitude of the society towards ideas of collective memory and cultural identity today.In addition to the exhibition spaces, in this museum-educational center, there is also a library, a media library, an archive, and multiple lecture halls. Understanding the museum as a kind of bridge and medium to the "other world", opens the possibility for reinterpreting its primary function, abandoning the role of archives and conservators of artifacts, and introducing an idea of a museum as a factory and industry of experience and spatial interaction. The main constructional axis of the building consists of a perforated sloping wall buried in the ground, which functionally divides the building into two parts - an introverted exhibition space, and an educational space facing nearby marina. The shape of the building comes from the concept of bridging the ruined ground, taking on the role of an open space for exhibitions and cultural events. Three plateaus of various heights gradually submerge during different times of the year, allowing formation of different spatial environments.

Text de prezentare a autorului

Andrea Zobec was born on August 31, 1995 in Belgrade, Serbia. She holds a masters degree in Architecture Design from Faculty of Architecture, University in Belgrade in 2020. Her work has been exhibited at annual exhibitions for prominent students. She also worked as a student assistant at the Department for Urban Planning. In 2018 she did a research study on sustainable architecture river islands at Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Manipal. She was a part of Serbian team at MEDS (Meeting of design students) in Spetses, Greece in 2019, where she participated in realization of a pavilion in collaboration with local craftsmen. In 2019, she did an internship at "Vinci Terna" construction company working on reconstruction of “Nikola Tesla” Airport in Belgrade. In her free time she enjoys photography, dance, design and illustration.