UPSIDE DOWN - Beta Competition
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The family house is located in Mosonmagyaróvár, on the bank of the river Lajta, with a direct view to the water that is separated from the plot by the grassy embankment and the trodden footpath running along it. As a child we visited the area many times, discovering the then less built-in area, in the formation of that I could take part as an adult. A person is lucky when he can design for people he knows well, he knows what they would like to, has a similar vision and taste – so we even understood each other without words. The client had quite definite ideas about the functions and appearance to be designed, to that we only needed a little architectural twist – let’s turn a bit on the house, replace the main functions vertically. The community zone (living room + dining room + kitchen) should go upstairs, while the private spaces (rooms, children’s rooms, guest room) and the other functions (garage, machinery, household areas) should be downstairs. This change of function that differs from the classical one was also strengthened by the desire to see the Lajta river from the living room upstairs and from the terrace, and this could not have prevailed from the ground floor. Community life is crucial for the family: „The most important aspect is to have a huge space where we can receive many guests. We live a very social life, we like holding events in our home, on the terrace, in the living room. It is a priority that many people fit in one space and that we can laugh and talk” – with the environmental conditions of the Szigetköz landscape revealed in the suburban situation, it was easy to design a house to this. Compared to the floor space of the house, the plot is small in its scale, that’s why the huge, partly covered terrace was placed upstairs. The outside and transition areas lost on the ground floor because of the built-in floor space can thus prevail, in addition, coupled with the magnificent panoramic view that reveals from here.

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CAN Architects was founded in 2017 on the shared passion of András Cseh, József Élő, Szilárd Köninger, Dávid Németh and Ádám Tátrai with our focus on the connecting network of architecture and community. ‘Share the table’ is the spatial attitude of our collective, where we all bring our various professional and personal interests and human relationships together, from research through education to design and forth. We enjoy exploring new possibilities and responsibilities of our architectural profession through developing our own, community-based design (CAN Story Design), social (faluÉPÍTÉS) and education (CAN EDU) initiatives and methods.