Results - Beta Competition


On the last day of this edition of Beta – Timișoara Architecture Biennale, we had the award gala for Beta Competition.

For categories 1-5, the final decisions have been taken after the two days of presentations in which the authors of the selected projects presented their works to the jury in more detail. Thereby, out of the 25 selected works, 13 stood out, as follows:

Built space

Mention: Timea Kos – House in Ostrov

Award: For – Faber

Interior space

Mention: Alexandru Buftea, Laurențiu Isopescu, Ariana Țuțuianu – Headoffice

Mention: Vinklu – Comun Cafe

Public space

Award: Marius Găman, Ana-Maria Branea – Living Heritage – Urban regeneration of the Tragel Zuid area

Graduation projects

Nominee: Regina Tábori – Mill Lake Picnic

Nominee: Rebeca Ioana Faur – Ineu Citadel Ensemble

Mention: Eszter Vörös-Grigoriu – Mighty Fortress – Early Intervention Center for Autistic Children

Mention: Cseke Andrea – The living artery of Oradea

Award: Andrei Cîra – Revolution Memorial

Initiatives / Experiments / Visions

Mention: Brindusa Raluca Havasi – My school can be cool CNTLR

Mention: Muzeul Cineastului Amator – Industrial Photography Saloon

Award: Gabriela Domokos – Pașcu – Cultural landscapes in Banat

For the 6th category – Essay, the jury decided not to offer prizes.

In the 7th category – Photography, out of the 12 selected works, stood out:

Nominee: Alexandru Todirică – Minimarket ABC

Nominee: Miljena Vučković – Common beauty

Mention: Andrei Drăcea – The city inside the living room

Mention: David Dumitrescu – User not found

Award: Alexandru Todirică – No man’s playground

We invite you to see all the submitted projects here.

For more details regarding the evaluation process, you can consult the jury reports:

jury report   | categories 1-5 – Bogdan Ciocodeică(president) András Cseh, Evelina Ozola, Mark Randel, Milka Gnjato | category 6. Essay – Cecilie Sachs Olsen, Chiara Dorbolò, Ross Exo Adams | category 7. Photography Alexandra Țîmpău, Miguel de Guzman, Miloš Martinović

Each award is worth 1000 euros.
Each mention is worth 500 euro.
No prize money is awarded to nominees.