Results - Beta Competition


For categories 1-5, the final decisions have been taken after the two days of presentations in which the authors of the selected projects presented their works to the jury in more details. Therby, out of the 66 selected works, 28 stood out, as follows:

Built Space
nominee: Oxigen Restro, Árpád Nagy
nomine: Fairy-Veil House, András Cseh
nomine: Poster’s Ceramics Workshop, Irina Meliță, Ștefan Simion
mention: E+E House, Mihai Ene, Adela Ene – Ene+Ene Arhitectura
award: Nădășan House, Miklós Péterffy
award: One Room House, Ștefan Simion, Irina Meliță

Interior Space
nominee: Apartament LC, Bogdan Ciocodeică
nominee: Play in Historic Sacred Spaces, Partizan Architects
award: Revolutionize, Cristi Borcan
award: Ertler Apartament, Alexandru Szűz – Pop
award: Confident Concept Store, Alexandrina Remescu Simo | Alex Muntean
* for the category Interior Space each award is worth 500 euro

Public space
nominee: Light son(g)s, Marius Miclăuș
nominee: Weaving together, Marius Găman
award: Molnar Piuariu street, Cluj: remodeling and partial pedestrianisation, planwerk arhitectură și urbanism

Graduation projects
nominee: Hamam | Public baths | Constanța, Dana Diana Buicescu
nominee: Landscape restoration center, Hunor Albert Szántó
mention: Beyond the ruin. The conversion of  formar tobacco warehouse in Isaccea , Cristian-Andrei Bădescu
mention: Jurányi, Theatrical community house, Borbála Surján
award: The regeneration of Textila Factory, Alexandra Stan

Inițiatives / Experimentes / Visions
nominee: Shrinking Cities in Romania, Ilinca Păun Constantinescu
nominee: The Enchanted Gardens of Ada Kaleh, Silvia Mihaela Diaconu
nominee: Twin, Marius Miclăuș
nominee: CAN Edu, András Cseh, CAN Architects
nominee: Workshop Muma / Anyó / Majke, Oana Mondoc | Miodrag Stoianov
mention: The house as a process, Loredana Gaiță | Miodrag Stoianov
mention: Herculane Project, Asociația Locus
award: substandardPLUS, Atelier Ad Hoc Arhitectura | Comunitate, George Marinescu, Maria Daria Oancea
award: Uranus acum. Proiect urban și comunitar, Dorothee Hasnas, Ștefan Ghenciulescu, Ilinca Păun Constantinescu et al.


For the 6th category – Essay, out of the 12 submitted works,  5 stood out:
nominee: Whose (City, Whose) Responsibility // Battle over buildings, Miljena Vučković
nominee: Historic buildings in sustainable urban development, Aurelia Oancea
mention: Palimpsest. The stadium as a canvas for new types of architecture, Diana Cânța
mention: Architecture from literature: a study of how architecture can be enriched by reading, interpreting and applying the ideas displayed in Perec’s oeuvre, Noretu Carmen-Theodora
award: Imagining an Aesthetics of Reuse, Marcell Hajdu


In the 7th category – Photography, out of the 20 selected works, 6 stood out:
for the sub-category single entry:

award: Nesting, Zoran Popovici

for the series:
nominee: Mute City, Sebastian Gruia
nominee: L.A.P.T., Anca Pîrvu
nominee: backstage, Ovidiu Zimcea
nominee: The reborn of the Romanian village, Ștefania Lupu
award: Yellow Fabric, András Weiszkopf


We invite you to see all the submitted projects here.

For more details regardin the evaluation process, you can consult the jury reports:

> report categories 1-5  | Vlad Sebastian Rusu (president),  Maja Lalić, Péter Klobusovszki, Matevž Čelik, Diana Dina

> report category 6. Essay | Anna Puigjaner (president), René Boer, James Taylor Foster

> report category 7. Photography | Laurian Ghinițoiu (president), Norbert Juhász, Relja Ivanić


Each award is worth 1000 euro, except the awards in the category 2. Interior Space which are worth 500 euro each.
Each mention is worth 500 euro.
No prize money is awarded for nominees.