Superhero house - Beta Competition
Interior space

Superhero house

Project description

Part of a duplex - the Brother's side - the design follows a minimal direction that mixes raw materials like metal, linear tensors and concrete surfaces with dashes of pale colours that create a haven made for relaxation after a hard day at the office. A space with different layers of privacy and activities, as well as a place made to be shared with friends and family.

Author's presentation text

Andi-Alexandru Buftea – 2014, Timisoara Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, graduate. I made my first steps towards architecture during my study years, by my own and trough different collaborations making contact with various architecture and interior design programs, gradually building my experience and portfolio so I can later develop my own brand named NOI studio. A brand focused on the rigor of project compliance, material knowledge, technical details and working methods of craftsmen - with whom we usually work close - but also focused on a personal relationship with our beneficiaries.