Sisters - Beta Competition
Interior space

Interior design Sisters

Project description

The proposal consists in an interior project and a refurbishment of an existing coffee shop from Cluj-Napoca in Universitatii Street. Sisters Café is a space of socializing, meetings and overlaps. The interior design project proposes an detailed solving of the functional aspects, the space efficiency and the creation of an minimal and ludic atmosphere where the various materials, the simple volumes and the subtile play of the arches are emphasizing the interior architecture. The project aesthetics is inspired by the intersected arches of the building ceiling and the clean lines of the interior architecture. Translated in contemporary furniture, these elements are visually connected, being in contrast as materiality and in the end they put in a spotlight the spatial qualities of the historical building. The coffee house has four different rooms, each one with a different atmosphere: the bar room, where the space refurbishment allows a generous flux of people and compact storage and work spaces for the staff; the second front room is dedicated to the more intimate booths and the two of the back room are for the common tables. An important piece of the project is the central chandelier which is floating above all the rooms, is passing through all of them and is connecting them with the subtile light line. The decorative objects are paintings from “Overlap” series painted by Ioana Goția-Ciurea, works inpired by the people interactions at Sisters Cafe.

Author's presentation text

Prototip is a design and architecture studio from Cluj that delivers ideas at different scales, through developing and producing honest and qualitative design. If one feels their best self while learning, Prototip tries to apply this through all of their projects. Through combining traditional methods with digtal-experimental ones, Prototip Studio searches for relevant solutions for festivals, communities and clients, and finds them through the creation of objects, installations and spaces.