Mockup Hotel Egger - Beta Competition
Interior space

Hotel mockup for Egger

Project description

The project aims at setting up an exhibition space for Egger's materials in the context of the Romhotel fair. The design simulates a hotel interior, which highlights these finishes in a contemporary way. The space is divided into 5 areas: lobby, reception, room, bathroom and sample area. The delimitation of the areas was achieved by using different floor finishes, furniture and partitions.

Author's presentation text

Claudia Motei has studied architecture at the University of Architecture and Urbanism ’Ion Mincu’ in Bucharest. She works as an architect and interior designer balancing aesthetic and rationality through an ongoing dialogue between multiple disciplines. Her practice is taking a holistic approach to each aspect of a project and creates spaces where people are comfortable and embraced by their surroundings. Designing that space from the inside out, Claudia considers light, color, form and materials as architectural elements. To achieve a harmonious interplay between the architecture and the elements within, she often creates custom furniture and lighting.