Locuinta cu texturi - Beta Competition
Interior space

Textured house

Project description

Light, wood, brick, brass and playful accents. These were the key words in defining the concept for our design. The background that was offered to us was of a newly built house in a quiet area of Bucharest. Being surrounded by nature, the house directed the thinking for the interior towards natural materials and light colors that receive a lot of light. From the entrance area, the space becomes welcoming, defined by the white furniture, the wooden accent that borders the window and the concrete of the ceramic tiles of the floor. The generous space of the kitchen is “sweetened” by the geometric floor that reminds of the traditional pieces in the hearth of the traditional Romanian house. The wood is also present here in order to connect with the garden and complete the visual sensations with the tactile. The brick cladding, present in two forms: both painted and natural, brings us closer to tradition, nature, to manufactured work that always brings personality to any space. The living room and dining area, joined together to form a generous space, combine "raw" textures with fine materials, perfectly finished: brass, geometric glass of lighting fixtures, velvet and marble. The play of textures transforms everything into a welcoming, bright space, into "home".

Author's presentation text

Our office was founded by combining our two passions: the one for design and the one for perfectly executed details. Our experience of over 10 years in architecture and interior design, has taught us that any project can be a success story. So, we try to make a good team with each of our clients, to advise and guide them so as to obtain their dream space together. The place where you come back every day because you feel at home is more than a house, it's a way of life, it's a state, it's an attitude. It is part of each person, imprinted by the personality, memories, passions and preferences of each, it is unique. Through design "tricks" we try to point out this uniqueness and give the impulse to a dynamic and comfortable life.