JURÁNYI Theatrical Community House - Beta Competition
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JURÁNYI Theatrical Community House

Project description

The Jurányi House is part of the Hungarian independent dramatics where the art groups can rehearse their productions and at the evenings, they also can play them. In my project takes place a community house next to the Jurányi House, it supposes to give an inspiring and transpiring place where the audience can in familiar circumstances relate to the artists. The recent Jurányi House is an old school building and it has a corridor-classroom structure therefore it can be a private and intimate workplace for the artists. Contrarily, the main purpose of the new building, focusing on the community. The new house admits various community activities, in which the actors and artist and their audience takes part as well. For example: dance and yoga classes, exhibitions, open-rehearsals, workshops. The small site of the new building is located on the northern side of the Buda castle hill. The building plot is a bombsite since the second world war. The surroundings are dominated by ravishing walls of flames and intimate inner courts, it has a historical memorial feeling. The architectural conception based on a publication (Gent, 2018) which summarized in 10 points the bases for the reformation of the contemporary theatre. The design of the new building tries for simplicity. I separated the house into two parts, according to the functions. In the northern and the smaller part, the spatial experience based on the feeling of a “Livingroom” in every floor adapting to the main function of the bigger part, which are the Blackbox theater room, rehearsal room, café, and the terrace. The two tract is separated with an aisleway, which provides the different connections between the tracts in the different floors. All the Floors of the house are a sequence of performance grounds with alternate characters. The inner atmosphere of the house and the atmosphere of the street effect the ground floor so it becomes a transition between inside and outside. Contrarily, in the black box-auditorium you can only focusing on the own atmosphere and abstraction of the play. In my point of view, the terrace between the surrounding walls of flames and the sheltered and protected square in front of the building are also spaces for playing theater. The floors of the building mass keep distance increasingly over each other from the neighbor buildings therefor you can see the plain walls of flames and inner corridors. The monolithic volume of the building and the simple materials of the surrounded houses define the scratch-styled plaster facing of the house.

Author's presentation text

I have got my degree in architecture at the beginning of the summer of 2020 at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. One of the defining features of my student life was that I took part in the organization of events and lectures on subjects closely related to architecture, and the design and installation of a student exhibition in 2019. Apart from architecture I like to spend my free time more and more submerged in art, nature, psychology or literature. What interests me is the effect architecture has on the senses, when it helps people improve, focus or immerse, it disciplines, it makes people act, to make them feel at home in the space however it is fit for them. I bring the love of the culture of the Carpathian Basin and discovering nature from my childhood, and in my experience, this affects my relation to architecture. I call this “thinking based on emotion”.