J HOUSE - Beta Competition
Interior space


Project description

This interior project came to life at the same time as the clients' desire to build a house. Together with them - a young married couple, we decided that we will make the architectural design in parallel with the interior design so that the form and concept of the house are as correlated and harmonized with the proposal for the interior atmosphere, but also to facilitate the development as much as possible until the completion of the project. The open and sociable lifestyle of the clients dictated both the architectural concept and the interior design. For this reason, all living spaces have been located on the ground floor in an open area and arranged so that they can work together smoothly and naturally. Their personality and the way of spending their free time were highlighted by the spatial configuration of the living room and the kitchen as follows: U-shaped furniture in the living room area that connects the fireplace, considered the hearth of the house, to the perimetral seating area; U-shaped furniture in the kitchen area that contains a bar type pult and connects to the dining area. All these elements benefit each other by encouraging socialization in every space of the house. Another important aspect that was the basis of the whole concept of interior design was the design of the central staircase which connects the living area to the sleeping area. The aim was to create a staircase that would be visible from all points of the house, that would accentuate the perception of openness and that would emphasize the penetration of light inside the house. In all this open-space there is only one area totally hidden and camouflaged in the kitchen furniture, namely the storage and the pantry that directly serve the cooking area. Another challenge in creating the project was to design the furniture so that it could be built by a family member. The predominantly white and gray surfaces, the use of natural wood on certain areas of the furniture and the small colour accents from decorations have transformed this house into a warm and welcoming home.

Author's presentation text

Dan Purice, Bianca Azap and Damian Alexandru - architects and co-founders of the company SC 313 DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE PARTNERS SRL, founded in 2019 in Timisoara, Romania. Our office offers complete architecture and interior design services, covering all stages of a project: consulting, concept, design, project management and site monitoring. Through our projects we combine the passion for design with the aesthetic and functional requirements and needs of our clients.