ISHO 13 - Beta Competition
Interior space


Project description

The 63 sq meters apartment for a young couple is located in a new residential complex ,Isho , five minutes from Timisoara’s City Center . Aspects such as the 13 floor's location, the beautiful afternoon natural light, and the many overcast days of the year determined that the interior had to look light and colourful. To achieve this, we tried to make the space as fresh and young as possible, avoiding unnecessary elements and giving preference to storage systems . Colours and materials were also chosen with this in mind: contrast of terracotta's and blues , vibrant colours that are calmed down by the tile-looking like parquet flooring, coloured mosaic- as a kitchen backsplash, coloured mirror , and soft fabrics to create a welcoming space. Once you enter the apartment there is a floor to wall walk in closet , that is covered in coloured glass mirror . This material is a key material that have been used to create reflection , create a bigger space , and was also a fun approach rather than classic simple mirror . As you continue entering the space there is blue block effect that separate visually the entrance from the open living room as well as breaks these two spaces not only by giving it a different function but also by creating a more interesting design . "For us the challenge was the size of the apartment and the fact that the clients needed a lot of storage . We had to experiment with materials , create storage areas that not only fill the spaces but also help us create that flow inside a space " said Timeea Diosi The living room set up is colourful . An orange 2 seater sofa becomes the main centre pieces , mixed with a bold armchair from Italian brand Driade , and some colourful cement coffee tables that embrace the idea of geometry . The wall murals tell a story , visually creating the idea of another space inside a space . The childish approach is softened by the choice of furniture and high end pieces . The bedroom has two areas : the sleeping area and the home office area . Shades of warm beige calm down the striped wallpaper that was placed behind the bed , Also colours seduce the senses bridging the gap between romanticism & aristocracy. The kitchen is linear . 3 colours have been used : green , blue and orange terracotta to build the cabinets The greens and blues come from the variant colours of the nature, truly an inspiration as the colour of it evolves so much during the year and depending on the season it is quite fascinating , so we wanted to bring a natural environment inside the 13 floor apartment that has a breath-taking view toward The Millennium Church .

Author's presentation text

Interior Design Studio . Mix of bright and dramatic colors, minimalism & pop-up. Creating our own mood boards visuals. BIANCOEBIANCA is a design company that provides services for interior and product design. Founded by Elie Kamel & Timeea Bianca Diosi , two young designers that grew and studied in Italy , the home of industry , architecture and beauty . They follow a simple but strong concept . They strongly believe in change and they think that the world needs more functionality than beauty . First you need to create a comfortable and functional design and only after that you can think about the style of the space. For them design is a space of colours , space is like a background where every piece of furniture becomes a toy that gives you the freedom to create a functional , yet minimal space . Also the core of design is a contrast of colours and geometry in bright but vibrant colours.