HEADOFFICE - Beta Competition
Interior space, Interior space


Project description

Situated in a historical context, near “Piața Libertății” in Timișoara, the proposed beauty salon is located on the ground floor of a historic house with direct access to the walkway. In order to honour the history and space quality of the place, we wanted to propose a concept that goes beyond the flashy glam patterns that so many salons in the country go for. Offering an experience to the salon’s customers and emphasizing the conceptual character of the practice empowered by our beneficiary’s way of doing things, was our main focus. Therefore, we searched to synthesize the necessary relative to aesthetics and the promotable in relation to its background. We consider that in these kinds of places, the result of the practice – the clients new look, the quality products promoted and client experience should be under the spotlight without unnecessary / useless distraction from the essential. We proposed a scenography composed of a black ribbon that traverses the entire space following its tectonics and imprecise angles, old salvaged roof beams and large round mirrors. The black ribbon gives the tall spaces a human scale, binds together the lucrative functions of the salon and proposes an instagramable background for showing off the customer´s new look but also to promote beauty products. The wooden beams mark the places dedicated to the customers, ennoble and warm-up the space’s atmosphere and act as a reminder of the building’s historical character. Besides the obvious utility, the big mirrors mark the centers of interest, open different portals for socialization and connection with other spaces while creating at the same time different graphic compositions with the reflected objects. The light fixtures float between the old and the new without overcrowding the space providing in the meantime the functional flexibility needed to ensure the correct lighting requirements.

Author's presentation text

Andi-Alexandru Buftea – 2014, Timisoara Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, graduate. I made my first steps towards architecture during my study years, by my own and trough different collaborations making contact with various architecture and interior design programs, gradually building my experience and portfolio so I can later develop my own brand named NOI studio. A brand focused on the rigor of project compliance, material knowledge, technical details and working methods of craftsmen - with whom we usually work close - but also focused on a personal relationship with our beneficiaries. Ariana Ţuţuianu – 2018, Timisoara Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, graduate. Looking for a possibility to work closely with craftsmen and beneficiaries, I started working together with arch. Andi - Alexandru Buftea during the last years of my studies, having the opportunity to gain a more pragmatic experience regarding various small-scale projects and architecture connected fields. Isopescu Laurenţiu – Architect and project manager, at Iulius Town Timișoara, he is responsible for the new office building UBC0. In his spare time, he uses photography as an instrument to observe the city, the environment and capture the moments. In the past he worked in Spain, Brazil and Portugal as a freelancer and also in different offices.