Hall „Sreten Adžić’’ and Gallery "Ginko" - Beta Competition
Interior space

Hall „Sreten Adžić’’ and Gallery "Ginko"

Project description

The interior project of the hall "Sreten Adzic" with the gallery "Ginko" is designed to satisfy the multifunctional needs of the users of the space of the Faculty of Education, University of Kragujevac. This is primarily reflected in the everyday space that students use as a rest area between classes, but also as a gallery space for exhibited internal projects of the faculty and as well as guest exhibitions. The concept of the project in accordance with this has the mobility of furniture that with different orientation in the faculty hall corresponds to events such as presentations of publications, literary evenings, conferences, jubilee celebrations, opening of exhibitions but also for the mentioned everyday purpose as a rest area and communication space for students. The main accent in the formation of the space is represented by the exhibition panels, which with their rotation make new spatial compositions and shape the image of the hall. The "Ginko" gallery has enriched the content of activities both at the faculty itself and with openness to other guest exhibitions to the public wich is not in direct contact with the faculty institution. The green color dominates the interior and is associated with the color of the ginkgo leaf, which is part of the faculty logo. Materials and other elements of furniture used within the project in the ideological and aesthetic meaning are part of a larger project of adaptation and reconstruction of the interior of the faculty building, which the author of this project has been leading since 2017.

Author's presentation text

Bojana Pašajlić was born on March 3, 1990 in Kragujevac. She completed her bachelor studies at the Faculty of Philology and Arts, University of Kragujevac. (2009-2013) She enrolled in master studies in October 2013 at the Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade, with master project "Art Center - Adaptation and Reconstruction of the Military Technical Institute in Kragujevac" in 2014, gaining the title Master Designer. She enrolled in Doctoral studies in 2014, field of Architecture at Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad and in 2020 she finished studies with doctoral dissertation "Trade buildings created from the turn of the XIX to the first part of XX centuries in Kragujevac - identity and role of the media''. During the past years, she was a participant in numerous collective exhibitions in the country and abroad and published several research papers. He work as a interior architect.