Fabrica de biciclete Timișoara - Beta Competition
Built space

Timișoara bicycle factory

Project description

The project consists in the design of a bicycle factory where the main functional requirements arise from issues related to the technological flow - large production and assembly lines and warehouse areas - but the general concept of the building and its surroundings is strongly influenced by two other very important points: the well-being of the factory employees during working hours, and the other is an ecological approach to the interior space and exterior landscape. The investment is currently being developed. The project has a strong industrial component, with infrastructure project (roads, platforms, technical annexes), a complex fire safety project, but also a sustainability component. The buildings concept involved an understanding of the process required for series production of bicycles. In this sense, a complex installation and structure project was needed, coordinated by the architecture team. The highlight of the project is the office building provided with a vertical garden between the facade and the expressive laminated wood cladding structure on the outside. This, in combination with a matrix of shaders and a series of photovoltaic panels, enhances the project's desire to reduce energy requirements and promote a healthy lifestyle as well as the bicycles produced by the client. Two other components part of this sustainable concept are: exterior design (mobility concept and exterior technical buildings integration) and modularity (not only the prefabricated elements but also sections of buildings that can be expanded in the future).

Author's presentation text

ARHIGest is a design studio that, since its founding in 2004, has evolved and developed constantly, taking on to procuring integrated services of design, execution tracking and technical consulting for civil, industrial and agricultural constructions for a diverse array of clients from both the public and the private sectors. No matter the complexity, we approach each project with equal and utmost dedication because we are aware that, nowadays, quality does not lie only in fulfilling the clients’ demands, but also in the capacity of identifying and anticipating the unexpressed requirements of each project. One field of interest in which we are actively involved is building and built environment ecology. We participate in pilot projects for experimental construction techniques. We are preoccupied with natural and passive/low-energy buildings, understood especially from the point of view of a healthy living/inhabiting climate, rather that an energy efficiency from an financial stand-point.