FabLab 2 - Beta Competition
Interior space

FabLab 2

Project description

In 2020, in full pandemic, but with optimism for capitalizing on opportunities, FABLAB Iași opens a secondary location, in collaboration with Modex and BCR, on the 7th floor of BCR Iași headquarters, right in the heart of the city. The FABLAB initiative was born in 2001 within the M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) as a way of exploring ways of materializing concepts and ideas in a multidisciplinary framework. With the motto ”Make (almost) anything”, FABLAB has been implemented in many cities around Europe, in India and Asia. Since 2017, Iaşi has been on the FABLAB map, with the first location in the former laboratories of TEX6 Faculty of Textiles-Leather, next to Bucharest, Paris, London, Shanghai, New York or Tokyo. The space on the 7th floor of the BCR Iași headquarters is saved and refreshed with simple and precise interventions that respect the history of the place. As in the first location, the FABLAB project recovers and revitalizes the memory of the place it occupies, in a paradigm in which the past and the future are lived synergistically. The space on the 7th floor of the BCR Iași headquarters is saved and refreshed with simple and precise interventions that respect the history of the place. The precious finishes in the space - solid wood and marble - are combined with details that define the spirit of FabLab Iasi - OSB panels, contrasting elements in black and white, turquoise accents, oversized signage, decoration grids and ornaments inspired by the world of finance. Together, they create a corporate and playful image at the same time. Workspace, meeting, discussion, course and conference space, FABLAB Iaşi x BCR is a multidisciplinary platform that brings together young people and specialists from the IT and fintech industry in a space that is both alive, elegant and comfortable, public and private, versatile and specialized, flexible and rigid at the same time. As the previous space in Iași, the implementation of this project took place like a workshop with a limited budget, characterized by rigorous planning, attention to detail, but also by spontaneous decisions, reuse and recontextualization of furniture and morally used installations.

Author's presentation text

A+noima is an architecture studio from Iași, founded in 2017. From factories to industrial places, from homes to cribs and nests, we build up meaningful experiences. We improve people's lives by producing efficient and purposeful architecture. We believe in the power of simple and clear ideas, because it is awfully equal and unpleasant to design care come bundled with care challenges we become better. Our work processing center is a permanent solution for the care of solutions give easy to use space, simplifying the use of materials and the use of efficient resources for materials and humans. With a flexible thinking and the reduction of all gestures to a minimum, A+noima discovers what is obvious, but often neglected or omitted. In the end, what is significantly clean is true shared in simplicity, easy to use and increased use. This is what we believe brings real value to all our projects.