Interior space


Project description

The main objective of this project was the total transformation of a 50 m² apartment from a block of flats built in the 1960s, into an attractive short term rental apartment. The entire space has been redesigned and adapted according to the owner’s requirement to accommodate 4 adults. In addition to the interior design, all electrical, plumbing and heating installations have been redesigned and replaced. The block of flats was built 56 years ago and it is based on a construction system made of solid brick masonry; it may even be the reused brick from certain demolitions that occurred in the historic district where it is located. This led to the unveiling of some parts of the walls, in order to display and enhance the original material of which it is composed in each of the main rooms: the two bedrooms, kitchen and dining area. The concept of interior design is based on the visual unification of all rooms through a common language, but also on the creation of different atmospheres in each space. This challenge is given by the fact that the apartment will be dedicated to a very wide audience on online booking platforms such as Booking.com, AirBnb, or Tripadvisor and the goal is to convince the eyes of as many viewers as possible (tourists, business men, grooms, families etc.). Once the first digital contact with the property takes the form of an official reservation, the second step is during the stay, when the apartment initially offers the feeling of surprise, after which it offers privacy, simplicity and warmth. These characteristics are felt through the use of materials such as brick and wood, ambiental lighting of the surfaces, the chromatical game of the rooms and through the small wooden terrace regained after the abolition of a storage space. The furniture is integrated between the existing or proposed new construction elements of the space and sized in such a way as to be sufficient for short and medium stays between 1 and 30 days. In order to energize the spaces, another important element that underlies the interior design are the mirrors, the apartment being located on the ground floor, on one side facing a green street, and on the opposite side facing a garden, they reflect the surrounding nature and transmit it inside the spaces. It also contributes to the effect of enlarging the spaces and natural lighting, both in the bedrooms and in the bathroom.

Author's presentation text

Alexandru Damian, Dan Purice and Bianca Azap - architects and co-founders of the company SC 313 DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE PARTNERS SRL, founded in 2019 in Timisoara, Romania. Our office offers complete architecture and interior design services, covering all stages of a project: consulting, concept, design, project management and site monitoring. Through our projects we combine the passion for design with the aesthetic and functional requirements and needs of our clients.