Casa N23D - Beta Competition
Interior space


Project description

N23D HOUSE The project involved the intervention on a house in the Cosmopolis ensemble of houses. The Cosmopolis ensemble has an area of over 106 ha, it is composed of different types of housing, it contains shops, kindergartens, offices, a mall and a hospital; and the access is made from the edge of Bucharest, in Stefanestii de Jos commune. The home chosen by the client is a duplex type; it is grouped around a garden with swimming pool. The challenge of the project was to adapt some standard spaces to the specific lifestyle of the clients, who wanted an upgrade from the standard finishes, but also interventions at compartmentalization level. The house is organized on 3 levels, basement, ground floor and first floor. The basement level corresponds to that of the living area, living room, kitchen, bathroom; ground floor contains the vestibule, office, technical space, bathroom and the first floor is primarly for the private night area, consisting of bedroom, 2 bathrooms and dressing room. The courtyard with the garden is arranged behind the house; they are systematized vertically, so that the basement area becomes the ground floor on this side. The living room is arranged on the same level as this garden area with swimming pool. It was wanted to establish a visual connection between the spaces in the living area - living room and kitchen, separate from the stairwell. The compartmentalization involved the elimination of a storage area in the staircase area and the proposal of a glass compartmentalization between the staircase and the kitchen - thus the staircase no longer locks visually and becomes an element with aesthetic value in space, being refined and completed with a natural wooden rifle. The arrangement was outlined on a background of neutral, soothing shades that highlight the color accents present in each space, as points of interest – the yellow bench in the hallway, the blue sofa in the living room, the golden velvet panel in the dressing room, become the main attraction in the space. The harmonious combination of materials such as natural wood, marble-look ceramic plywood and velvet warm the space, while bringing elegance. Simple lines define the furniture elements, to create orderly and quiet spaces, the atmosphere is pleasantly lit by bodies with golden metallic accents. The changes brought a new positive breath, each space has its own story, it is full of color, texture, light; the house is now a happy one.

Author's presentation text

As a young and enthusiastic team, we put a lot of passion, energy and joy in all our projects, which are both general architecture and interior design. We want to put things in terms of ideas in practice, we support clients throughout the project, so that the end result is beautiful, practical and brings a qualitative leap in the use and understanding of space. We like challenges, pretentious and complicated things, we like clients who want more; we are in the service of beauty and we want to change the way of life of each one through our projects. Each project starts with understanding the lifestyle of those who will use the space, but also with trying to discover their own style. The designed spaces end up being very personalized, having both aesthetic and environmental qualities. We want each project to be unique, different and according to the client's personality, to be able to create that oasis of beauty and that extraordinary feeling of "home".