CASA M&M - Beta Competition
Interior space


Project description

The design concept is based on the binomial of the beneficiary's traits, which is closely related to his traditional family and the rural environment he comes from, but also to his professional and discovery activity, in terms of IT and technology. This interweaving of his personal, vertical, deep and strongly anchored family roots with his dynamic activity and lifestyle gave birth to a design direction based on duality. In contrast or dialogue, in balance or imbalance, a continuous conversation is created between the proposed interior elements and details... Therefore, the living area is characterized by means of diagonal lines, which emerge from the rigor of the Cartesian system (inspired from the architecture of the building), which directs looks, visual and physical relationships, lights and accents, being highlighted by glossy white, dynamic, strong, sharp surfaces. Defining especially the living area, the main dynamic direction creates a route from the entrance / vestibule towards the open space that houses the living room, the bar and the kitchen. However, these incisive lines are moderated by the heavy, straight, static wooden volumes, which sit warm, fleshy and soft on the floor, thus translating the above-mentioned duality into the proposed interior. These contrasting directions are taken under the wing of some circles, which sweeten their relationship, dialogue, conversation... Burgundy colored circles surround and calm the contrasts, standing out among the otherwise cold colors. The central lighting fixture emphasizes this embrace between all the proposed elements, projecting a continuous, all-encompassing shadow that unmistakably draws onto all the interior walls of the room. In addition, the luminous lines highlight the dynamic directions, respectively the point lights sprinkle small accents within the overall composition. The rhythms given by the holes and the wooden rods in the panels add a playful touch to the ensemble, because they allow the creation of messages in binary language, using the holes shot in equal rhythm, respectively the wooden rods prepared for this "play". Basically, the rod represents one, the void represents zero, and the ensemble created by the binary rhythms tell selected stories in a visual, playful and yet slightly enigmatic way... The space adjacent to the living area is a multifunctional room, which houses the dining area, office, guest room and generous storage space in a reinterpreted way.

Author's presentation text

“We are here to witness our generation and acknowledge it; and we are here to sensitively design towards tomorrow.” Sinestezia.Studio is a creation platform, which embraces design fields such as architecture, optimization, product and graphic design, while experimenting with interactive and kinetic design mechanisms. The studio is based on the study and work experience of a group of young architects, undertaken in Timișoara, Paris, Brussels and Málaga, as well as on their work for design competitions, for which they have been awarded numerous national and international prizes. These include the Oradea Independentei Riverfront Revitalization 2nd Prize (2020), Transite Gara de Nord Special Mention (2018), Jardin Arad Neighborhood 2nd Prize (2018), Young Architects Award – Architecture Conference & Expo (2016), Salon Prize – 20th Salon of Architecture in Novi Sad (2016), G.E. Foundation Scholar-Leaders Prize in Budapest (2009-2011).