Casa M - Beta Competition
Interior space

M House

Project description

House M is located on the shore of Lake Surduc and is unique from several points of view. First of all, it is 100% independent in terms of energy and water supply. The electricity is provided by a wind turbine and 48 photovoltaic panels, and the water supply is obtained from the rain, which is stored and filtered in four retention basins located under the house. Also, the house has an energy efficiency close to that of a passive house. The beneficiary wanted a house as friendly to the environment as possible, that is why the whole house is smart and automated. For example, the lighting efficiency is ensured by "true presence" sensors that detect the presence of the person and that turn on and off as soon as the person leaves the respective space, thus eliminating the risk of wasting electricity by forgetting to turn off a light bulb. Another special requirement of this house was sound insulation, both inside and outside. The beneficiary wanted nothing to be heard from one space to the other. As a result, on the project we collaborated both with specialists from France and Romania and used a customized layering of the walls and the floor to minimize the passage of vibrations and sound between the spaces. From the point of view of the floor plan, the house consists of a ground floor and a first floor, and has a usable area of over 600 square meters. On the ground floor is the living area, consisting of a living room, a dining area and two kitchens; a cinema hall; a spa & wellness area (shower, dry sauna, wet sauna, gym), as well as three technical rooms. Access to the floor is done either using the stairwell or using the elevator. The first floor is made up of four "cubicles", each consisting of a bedroom, a dressing room and a bathroom. Also, each separate bedroom has access to its own terrace overlooking the lake. On the ground floor, the access area and the open space area (living room, dining room and main kitchen) were treated as a unit from the design point of view, and the materials used are predominantly natural: wood, concrete, slate. Accents are given by colorful paintings and by lighting. Upstairs, each cubicle is arranged in such a way as to create the sensation of a season: autumn, winter, spring and summer. As for the furnishing style, it is modern and functional, the beneficiary being a practical person, who emphasizes quality. More than 32 teams participated in this project (from builders, electricians and installers, to manufacturers of furniture, sofas and beds) both from Romania and from abroad (Switzerland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary).

Author's presentation text

The arhiGAMMA design office was founded in 2019 and is made up of the architecture and interior design departments. We offer both complete services: architecture + interior design, including project implementation (site monitoring, coordination of teams involved in the project, ordering materials and furniture pieces) as well as separate services: only architecture or only interior design. Our predominant projects are in the residential area, but we have also been active in the commercial, industrial and public areas. We also carry out land development projects (PUD, PUZ). We operate both locally and in other areas of the country (Iasi, Orsova, Arad, Surduc). Among our reference projects are Casa M. - a single-family house on the shore of Lake Surduc, completely independent from an energy point of view and with an energy efficiency close to a passive house, Province - an event hall similar to a barn, made on the structure of wood and SMW bicycle factory where we created the interior design project for the reception area, the dining room and the offices on the 1st floor. We are currently implementing a project for a wine cellar with a Michelin star restaurant in Arad County.