Casa BXL - Beta Competition
Built space

BXL house

Project description

The concept of this house, of an area of 200 square meters, originates from the name of the street, on which is located. It is delicately integrated into the existing context and brings a part of the cosmopolitan air of the Belgian capital in Timișoara. The house reinterprets the specifics of traditional Belgian architecture, through the main facade, from the street and the one from the courtyard, which is characterized by red bricks and regularly organized windows.The facade becomes the element of identity of this house, which is modestly integrated into the urban context imitating the shapes of the neighbourhood buildings.However, the size and the arrangement of windows on the façade gives it a character that makes it stand out from the neighbourhood. The relationship with the outside has been privileged since the concept phase.Due to the firewall in the southern vicinity and the elongated shape of the plot, all the important openings were placed on the two facades on the east and west. The living area extends to the terrace, and to the garden through a generous corner window, ensuring visual continuity. The dining area in the kitchen has a generous opening through which it communicates with the front courtyard from Bruxelles street. The cantilevered stairs are connecting the first floor which lay on the master bedroom with its own balcony and bathroom, delimited by the two children's bedrooms which share a common playground on the balcony facing the rear garden.

Author's presentation text

Ianko Norbert is an architect and designer. He was born in 1989 in Arad and graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism in Timișoara in 2014. Since the last years of college, he collaborated with the Parasitestudio architecture office on various competitions and projects, and after graduating from college, he became a full-time member of the team. In 2018, he established his own architecture office, NKN arhitectura, which operates in the following fields: residential and public interior design, architectural design and landscaping.