Campeador Penthouse - Beta Competition
Interior space

Campeador Penthouse

Project description

The main objective of this project was to improve the quality of the interior space through a minimalist design of a penthouse located in a residential complex completed in 2021, due to the fact that its floor plan made it difficult to furnish and create storage space in various areas of the apartment. The concept of our interior design is based on the visual unification of all the rooms through a common language, and on the creation of a pleasant experience in crossing the apartment from the day area to the night area, through a route guided by light, reflection and materiality. Therefore, a key element of the project was to bring natural light by reflection, in the dark areas of this home, such as the entrance lobby, hallway and bedroom hallway, as well as the rhythm and dynamization of the vertical surfaces in order to reduce the effect of the length of the circulations, also helped by the mirroring effect. One of the important requirements of our clients was to have a visually spacious apartment, but at the same time to include many storage spaces for all the objects they would possess. From this requirement was born the idea of merging the furniture with the walls and to obtain a visual continuity in the whole apartment, thus the furniture becomes walls, and the walls become furniture. This gesture created a visual enlargement effect of the rooms after the completion of the works, fulfilling the clients wish to have enough storage space in a fresh new apartment, which now offers an impression of even more spaciousness than the empty apartment. The central room of the apartment that houses the office, is hidden in the central body of "furniture" and offers a strong sense of privacy. The same feeling is given to the sleeping area by placing the dressing room in the opposite corner of the access door, so the bed remains hidden, and the dressing room can be accessed both from inside and outside. The kitchen and the hallway play a very important role in this project, aiming to attract you to the living-room area once you access the apartment. The kitchen expands and guides us through light effects and materiality to the key point of the penthouse: the main terrace, being accompanied by the hallway furniture that gradually opens the perspective to the living area.

Author's presentation text

Alexandru Damian, Dan Purice and Bianca Purice-Azap - architects and co-founders of the company SC 313 DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE PARTNERS SRL, founded in 2019 in Timisoara, Romania. Our office offers complete architecture and interior design services, covering all stages of a project: consulting, concept, design, project management and site monitoring. Through our projects we combine the passion for design with the aesthetic and functional requirements and needs of our clients.