Apartament Ateneu - Beta Competition
Interior space

Atheneum Apartament

Project description

The project consisted in the refurbishment of an apartment from an interwar building, located in the cultural center of the city. The intention was to create a harmony between existing pieces and new interventions. The space has been freed from any previous decoration, bringing it closer to its original character. The original wooden elements (parquet, windows and doors) were cleaned and reconditioned. The eclectic character of the space is highlighted by the way the furniture pieces combine. These are well emphasized by the neutral background of the walls.

Author's presentation text

Claudia Motei is an architect and interior designer. Her practice is taking a holistic approach to each aspect of a project and creates spaces where people are comfortable and embraced by their surroundings. Designing that space from the inside out, Claudia considers light, color, form and materials as architectural elements. To achieve a harmonious interplay between the architecture and the elements within, she often creates custom furniture and lighting. Anda Zota is an architect, interior designer and interior stylist, with a keen interest on contemporary design and curatorial research. Labeled as eclectic, but often influenced by modern German and Italian design. Highly creative, focused on detail as well as the able to see the bigger picture of a project. Defined by a very critical mind and a passion for aesthetics. They both have studied architecture at the University of Architecture and Urbanism ’Ion Mincu’ in Bucharest and often collaborate on residential, commercial and hospitality projects.