Apartament AA - Beta Competition
Interior space

Apartment AA

Project description

The new and more alternative type of housing developments, that we can recently find in a growing number in some of the larger Romanian cities, are the proof of the positive evolution of the market, based on the request of a more specific urban living. The central areas of the cities are getting denser, but the clients are looking for a more diverse, more intimate type of living, that concentrates not only on their individual needs, but also on building communities. Such an example is the second housing development of Urban Spaces, following the really successful first micro-community, that was a ground-breaking project in Bucharest, almost 10 years ago. This second housing complex contains a series of one, two or three level apartments, each with a distinct functional layout, offering a great flexibility for the inhabitants. The project at AA apartment started with the floor-plan transformations, that were possible due to its structural and utilities layout. A two bedroom apartment was realised in a two level space, for a young family of three, that has a direct privat patio connection. The interior design project had its starting point the new construction itself, with its spectacular concrete slabs, that became the main frames for the vertical elements. The concrete ceilings were kept apparent throughout the apartment and gave a soft loft type of atmosphere with a more industrial living area, showcasing a white tiled custom made kitchen, hosting a collage of old and new pieces of furniture and an impressive art collection.

Author's presentation text

Bogdan Ciocodeica Studio is a Bucharest based architecture practice with a special interest in interior design, architecture, product design and public space interventions. Their professional approach could be labeled as eclectic minimalism, a mix of simple, clean lines and statement pieces that give character to a specific environment. It's a very personal and intimate type of approach that puts the end user of the space at the center of the design. Always following the transition from idea to real life, their projects adapt to the changes that appear on along the way without losing the initial concept, although keeping in mind that every project is an ever evolving organism that keeps morphing long after the architect has finished its work. Their projects have been awarded first prize at the “Anuala de Arhitectura Bucuresti” and have been featured by some of the most important publications and sites: Archdaily, Yatzer, Elle Decor, Corriere Living, Igloo, Zeppelin, Artravel.