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Project description

BIANCOEBIANCA founders add the signature of eclectic bold blue and candy pink to their apartment in Romania... Owners of BIANCOEBIANCA decided to renovate this 86 sqm apartment in early 2022. The apartment is located in a 2 nd floor building, built in the late 50' when the communist time was established in Romania. The renovation was a challenge even for the designers as everything had to be changed. The designers, who run BIANCOEBIANCA together, used bold colors, geometric shapes, and eclectic materials to bring their personal styles into their residence, located in the city of Timisoara - Romania. There is a mix of patterns. The designers wanted to use Palladio Moro marble in the flooring but that was a challenge as the old structure could not hold such a heavy material. Together with Florim Ceramiche, they found the perfect Palladino tile, from their Artwork Collection, that they used in the bathroom, on the floors as well on walls, and different table tops The designers like exploring the essential properties of different materials, often combining edgy cuts in their objects. "We wanted a space that was not only elegant but also liveable. we wanted to create a cozy sanctuary, which is why we used shades of grey as the base color, and vibrant pops of blues and pink as accents to highlight BIANCOEBIANCA signature colors." said TIMEEA DIOSI There is a game of shades of greys that moves your eyes from one corner to another. Likewise, in other projects designed by them; symbols have a powerful meaning. The symbol of arches is present as well together with a very childish serrated pattern present as murals on the walls, furniture details, and a beautiful ceramic plate, designed by UAU STUDIO. The designers wanted to have a simple - clean-looking interior where they can entertain people and hold many delicious Lebanese dinners, that is one of the reasons why the dining area is fun and different. The choice of a bench instead of 6 chairs was made on purpose to keep the unity between people while dining together which gives it a twist once paired with the heavy- brutal dining table designed by the biancoebianca studio. The 3 bold chairs - used in different color fabrics - from French Furniture brand MOUSTACHE also focus the attention on shapes and colors as well as repetition but are used in a fun way rather than monotonous and repetitive. Art has an important role in the space, the designers collaborated with Kulterra Gallery - a Bucharest-based art gallery, in order to help the designers choose the beautiful artworks of Valeria Glibiciuc. The artwork on the walls highlights the concept, lifestyle, and everyday mood of the designer couple.

Author's presentation text

Interior Design Studio . Mix of bright and dramatic colors, minimalism & pop-up. Creating our own mood boards visuals. BIANCOEBIANCA is a design company that provides services for interior and product design. Founded by Elie Kamel & Timeea Bianca Diosi , two young designers that grew and studied in Italy , the home of industry , architecture and beauty . They follow a simple but strong concept . They strongly believe in change and they think that the world needs more functionality than beauty . First you need to create a comfortable and functional design and only after that you can think about the style of the space. For them design is a space of colours , space is like a background where every piece of furniture becomes a toy that gives you the freedom to create a functional , yet minimal space . Also the core of design is a contrast of colours and geometry in bright but vibrant colours.