O experiență creativă înainte de cafea - Beta Competition
Interior space

A creative experience before coffee

Project description

A space built with meaning brings out authentic stories, amplifies acceptance and listening, encourages people to give up barriers of all kinds, and captures a community together. The framework in which an event is held puts much of an imprint on the experience. For the anniversary edition Creative before coffee, we draw an experience in which each element was integrated as a puzzle. The final image was one that bears a collective signature, in which a host, an interviewer, next to 60 creatives created a unique world for a few hours.Small, but meaningful gestures build a framework in which stories bring us closer to each other and give us hope. The scene was located in the physical center of the room. The chairs of the speakers were face-to-face, the lampshade centered above and the round carpet that held them, almost amplified the vibe and the story, as it is: with intrigue, emotion, challenges, and lessons. The layout of the space, with its dynamics, created symmetry and equality and instilled a common desire for discovery. The contribution of the participants to the scenography through the concentric placement of the seats offered the feeling of communal gathering and provided a framework for active listening, empathy, and generosity. This duality, along with the balance between speakers, next with the theatrical arrangement of the participants and the outline of a festive setting, in which the idea of celebration was the red thread, made the experience immersive and memorable. Everything took place in the same space: live interview, socializing, eating, coffee, wine, narrowed the gap and that gave people courage to start meaningful conversations. We expressed the core of difference as a concept due to the pattern drawn by Ilinca Roman, the brand’s creator. The rhythm of hand-painted shapes on the walls built a visual story and an invitation to discovery, aligned with the central mantra of this event: slow down. Discrete aesthetic gestures have provided a generous playground and exploration for many forms of brand expression. The integration of graphic symbols from previous editions, the installation of a tribute to the believers from the beginning, and the return to the foreground of illustrations that capture the essence of this experience.

Author's presentation text

A+noima is an architecture studio from Iași, founded in 2017. From factories to industrial places, from homes to cribs and nests, we build up meaningful experiences. We improve people's lives by producing efficient and purposeful architecture. We believe in the power of simple and clear ideas, because it is awfully equal and unpleasant to design care come bundled with care challenges we become better. Our work processing center is a permanent solution for the care of solutions give easy to use space, simplifying the use of materials and the use of efficient resources for materials and humans. With a flexible thinking and the reduction of all gestures to a minimum, A+noima discovers what is obvious, but often neglected or omitted. In the end, what is significantly clean is true shared in simplicity, easy to use and increased use. This is what we believe brings real value to all our projects.