Beta competition 2020 launch - Beta Competition

Beta competition 2020 launch

We have just launched the 2020 edition of the Beta competition – one of the main events within the Beta architecture biennial.
The competition is open to the three neighbouring countries – Romania, Hungary, Serbia – and addresses everybody who helps create high quality architecture in the Euroregion: architects, urban planners / designers, landscape architects, scenographers, light artists, architecture / urban planning / visual arts / design graduates, IT engineers, administrations, NGOs, sociologists, psychologists, critics, theorists, philosophers and everyone that supports the concept of responsibility for the fate of our planet.

Participants can submit works realized in the past two years (finalized projects / proposals / projects that reinterpret the role of architecture, essays and photos based on this year’s main theme –  responsibility for the present and future built and yet unbuilt environment) in the following seven categories: 1.Built space, 2.Interior space, 3.Public space, 4.Graduation projects, 5.Initiatives / Experiments / Visions, 6.Essays and 7. Photography.

Submission deadline is July 30th.

More information about the competition ruleshere .