artist vizual / cadru didactic universitar





Munkatársak (csapattagok):

Fundatia Interart TRIADE

Külső munkatársak:



Bastionul Theresia Timisoara




15 000 lei

A pályamű leírása:

The work What about you? was especially designed for the public space through its characteristics of communication and interaction with the urban environment, with the architecture (with the current architectural reconfiguration of the complex) and significance of its location (the inner courtyard of Theresia bastion in Timisoara) and with pedestrians walking by. Its interaction with passers-by in particular is the reason why it was placed in a walkway that became symbolically a Plato’s cave (which determines pedestrians to descend below ground level, where they can interact with the artwork, and then go up again). Therefore, the work proposes a reflexive dialog with the passers-by, by literally asking them a question and thus asking them to continue the artist’s discourse. In this way, the passers-by bring their contribution to completing the message. The work is also a call to cooperation for achieving any objective in a society that has become ever more egocentric. From the point of view of the author, this work has the status of an Ars Poetica, stating her belief on the necessity and function of art in the contemporary society, talking at the same time about her own need to overcome certain stages and inner limits, of elevating her inspirational level, of finding coordinates for existing in this world.