Andreescu & Gaivoronschi

Munkatársak (csapattagok):

Dan Munteanu, Bogdan Rat, Iulia Fratila

Külső munkatársak:

Blank Laki, Mihai Caraghiaur





Bruttó szintterület:


A pályamű leírása:

Home of art The existing house is situated in a central residential area in Timişoara. It is a building erected in 1930 and it’s a part of a two groundfloor coupled houses. Considering the brief of a dwelling for a couple and two children, the existing building was regenerated, (transformed, restored ) and completed in the atic and a new addition behind, in the backyard. Even though it is not a historic or an architecture monument, we considered keeping the spirit of the old house very important and realized the enclosure to the street in an interwar local fashion. In the interior, the existing house was radicaly transformed, practically realizing the children apartment in the attic and the placement of the interior stairs on the opposite wall from the entrance. The ensemble offers two antithesis atmospheres, to the street and inside the old house one specific to it’s nature with clearly defined rooms and the other in a relative contemporary language for the addition and the outside room and there is a surprise offered in the private area. Another surprise is the integration of plastic art, thus the architecture of the whole ensemble is trying to play the role of a good host for the beautiful collection. The house relation with the private garden is one of an open amphitheatre, with the art standing on the grass.